Should Lice Keep Children Away from School? Absolutely Not!

A healthy child shouldn’t be restricted from attending school because of head lice or nits” as per new guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Why is this such a hot debate for many? Unfortunately, this is because lice outbreaks occur due to lice exposure. And the biggest carrier of head lice are children, aged 3–11, primarily in preschools, primary and elementary.

No Admittance: Schools in Florida and the No-Nit Policy

Majority of schools in Florida still diligently follow the no-nit policy, not allowing children from attending school due to head lice. The no-nit policy was recommended by the National Pediculosis Association as a sort of public health standard intended to keep children lice-free and in school. In essence, this policy minimizes head lice infestations and keeps children in school. How is this result achieved? By encouraging parents do perform their part at home with early detection, routine screening, accurate lice identification and thorough lice and nit removal! This can make life difficult but with professional lice removal services, parents can at least breathe in relief. The no-nit policy delivers results when properly implemented by schools and parents!

Have Lice? Conduct Inspection and Removal ASAP!

Many schools in Florida encourage parents to send their children to school with a head free from lice. Public lice inspections are carried out; yet children aren’t sent to school immediately but at the end of that day. If they want, parents can perform lice removal and send their children to school on the very next day—provided that job performed is thorough. Every single nit and live lice has to be removed before the child can be readmitted. You can even take help with professional head lice removal salons in Orlando and send your child off to school the very next day!! So, what does the medical pediatrics community say regarding this important issue? Parents should be given a set timeline to remove lice and nits completely. Schools should educate kids and parents on the right way to get rid of lice. What does this mean? No rushing off to the pharmacy or grocery store and buying several bottles of OTC lice removal shampoos and products! The best way to removal head lice and nits is by manual nit combing. Visit your nearest professional lice removal salon in Florida. Lice Troopers also offers a lice-free certificate to show as proof of your child’s lice free status!