A Recipe For Happy Holidays

You can smell the candy cane and eggnog and all the delicious food that’s going to be cooked in the air already! Everyone’s mouth is watering just thinking about all the yummy things they’ll devour in the coming days—and it’s a welcome change and break for everyone who works all through the year. You know who doesn’t take a break, though? Lice.—these critters are active through the cold, too. You know what they say: too many cooks spoil the broth, and with holiday preparations, hectic schedules, cold weather and winter lice infestations, it’s definitely a recipe for disaster.

What’s The Secret Ingredient To The Perfect Holiday Season?

There’s no single ingredient that’s going to make your holiday spectacular, if truth be told. There are several things you can do to make sure you and your family are your most comfortable, happy and content selves. It takes:

1 Cup of Gratitude

1 Cup of Gratitude There’s nothing without gratitude. No matter what it is you’re going through or what you’ve been experiencing, be grateful for being alive, well and healthy. Cherish the time you have and the opportunities and blessings that have come your way. Do your best to pass on the joy and blessings you have to those who may not have as much! Practicing gratitude is one of the biggest keys to happiness—even science says so!

2 Dashes of Self-Care

Self-care doesn’t need to mean fancy makeovers and thousands of dollars. It can be as simple as a hot bath and seeking professional lice treatment when you need it. It’s nothing to be ashamed about and it’s only an act of self-care to get the help you need. Our lice specialists are incredibly skilled at their jobs and even more discreet—so you’ll have a completely lice-free holiday season! Drop by our lice removal clinics in Oceanside or Rockville or give us a call at 516-693-8711 to learn more.

1 Whole Clean Home

A clean home means a calmer mind and there’s nothing more important at a time when you want to relax. Clean up your home, or if you’re worried about a lice infestation, we can come over and clean or inspect things for you!

1 Whole Group of Loved Ones

What’s a holiday without the people you love, right? Bring your friends and family together and enjoy the time you get together as much as you can. Plus, you’ll never need to worry about any of them getting lice—at least from you or your home anyway! Embrace the season of change and celebration and experience the joy that comes with it! Happy holidays!