Here’s What They Don’t Teach Kids About Head Lice in Schools

A school is not just an institution. It is the building block of our early years. It is where we learn things to help us become a part of society. It’s the first step we take towards a better life. So when your child is sent home with a note asking you not to send him/her until they have been cleared of head lice, it can be quite heartbreaking. Your child comes home to you, crying and clinging, telling you about how they were made fun of by their classmates because they have lice. It can be quite painful and disheartening, learning that your bundle of joy has been outcast by those who are supposed to be his or her role models. Teachers play an important role in our society. They are second to parents, helping kids from all walks of life learn and build themselves. So when a teacher does the opposite, it can be quite frustrating, indeed. But don’t blame the teacher. The problem here is the lack of information. Most people don’t know much about head lice, despite being one of the most common problems (with 6 to 12 million people in the U.S. contracting lice every year.)

Don’t Hate, Educate!

While it can be frustrating dealing with head lice, remember that most people don’t know much about them. A common misconception is that head lice are the result of poor hygiene. Many parents also shave their child’s hair, thinking that that will end the problem. But head lice care about only one thing: human blood. Also, shaving your child’s head is not the solution because lice will come back once their hair grows back. Instead, educate yourself on how head lice function and operate. A female louse can lay up to 6 eggs per day. Before you know it, you’re dealing with hundreds of critters in a month. This is why it’s impossible to remove them on your own. Furthermore chemical-based lice products and home remedies don’t do anything to get rid of the problem. They contain carcinogenic chemicals such as ovide and lindane. This can damage your child hair and even lead to chronic illnesses!

Getting Rid of Head Lice  

One thing they don’t teach kids about lice in school is that lice cannot fly. They can jump high but unless you’re inches away from the victim and don’t have your hair tied or covered, you become vulnerable to the problem. But why take the risk? With your child having a bright future ahead of them, don’t give up! A lice treatment center is the key to properly removing head lice. If you think your child has contracted lice, fret no more! Schedule a head lice screening with Lice Troopers Kendall. A head lice screening can help you identify if your child has lice or not. At Lice Troopers, we offer effective and efficient solutions to victims of lice in Kendall. With extensive in-home treatments to home inspection services, we ensure that no critter is left behind. Visit our head lice removal salon Kendall or call us at 800-403-5423 for more information about bookings and appointments.