It’s that time of year when the kids are getting settled back in at school and parents are into their own fall routines. And then, out of nowhere, the kids are scratching their heads, or there are rumors of head lice infestations passing throughout your child’s school.


Nothing strikes fear into a parent like the prospect of head lice. The thought of endless combing or trips to the drugstore is overwhelming. So what can a parent do when a school lice outbreak hits?


While lice are highly contagious, there are several steps a parent can take to help avoid the risk and keep kids lice free.


1. Check heads regularly. Early detection is key to stopping a head lice epidemic in its tracks. Regardless of whether or not you’ve heard news of head lice passing around your child’s classroom or sports team, get in the habit of checking the hair and scalp regularly. A good time to do this is after bath time. You can even purchase a lice comb to help separate the hair and comb for any bugs or nits that may be lurking on the scalp.


2. Keep long hair pulled back. Lice often pass from one host to another by attaching to loose strands of hair. The solution? Keep long hair and loose strands pulled up in a ponytail, bun or braids to help prevent lice from passing to your child in the case of close contact with an individual who has been infested.


3. Garlic extract. Rub a few drops of garlic extract on your hands and then apply to your child’s head. Within a few moments the smell will fade away and will not be noticeable to others, but lice can still detect it and they hate it!


4. Talk to school administrators about a school screening. If your child’s school needs help dealing with a lice epidemic, suggest that they contact Lice Troopers to set up a school-wide lice screening. This way, the affected children can be identified and treated as quickly as possible, thus stopping the spread. When Lice Troopers performs a professional school screening, affected children even receive a discount coupon for their treatment!


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