About Head Lice And Thoughts That Run – The Parents Edition

“Nobody told me how difficult parenthood would be – only right after I signed above the little dotted line did I figure I would soon sell my soul to three little devils” said no mom ever. Nothing is more challenging than parenting. Everyday thousands of adults experience this challenge with their children regardless of age. Some feel immense joy at seeing their toddler take the first steps or say the first words… Some feel frustration at seeing their little kid bite for the umpteenth time!

Thoughts That Run Astray In Your Mind When Faced With Head Lice

Don’t even get us started on the subject of head lice… something that affects some 6-12 million people, majority of which are children. With a high transmission rate, parents of preschool and elementary school going children have their plate full, lice removal can be the very last thing on their minds! Yet they do think about head lice… often in despair and hopelessness. Some parents even tell their kids to hide their affliction – not understanding head lice can become known in embarrassing ways like the incident below: “I work at a daycare center where a 6 year old once boasted about having head lice. I checked and sure enough her head was teeming with lice! The mother was called and told she had to treat her child’s head before the afterschool program. The mother came and first thing that came from her mouth was ‘you weren’t supposed to tell you had lice’… I was shocked” Following is a rundown of thoughts almost all parents have when faced with this situation.

Oh No! What Will The Other Mothers Think If They Get To Know About This?

Yes, they will get to know about this… because you will tell them about this little problem. Who knows the parents of your kid’s friends may even bake a thank you cake for this! One way to stop re-infestations and more outbreaks is by letting everyone know your child may have a lice situation at hand. It’ll be even more helpful if you let them know what you plan to do to treat the lice.

Nothing Works! Am I Dealing With Super Lice Or Ordinary Lice?

Let’s face this reality – around 42 states in America (including Florida) have been hit by the super bug, a special strain of lice resistant to OTC lice removal products and chemicals. Obviously, lice won’t be killed if this removal treatment method is being used on your child’s head! Another thing – there is no such thing as ordinary lice… yet a lot of effort must be paid to remove the threat of lice completely from your life. This means removing of lice eggs or nits! Do yourself a favor by calling in the lice removal experts at your home! Call Lice Troopers today at 305-396-3848 for our lice treatment center Coral Gables!