Lice Cycles—Handling Recurring Infestations

According to the CDC, head lice are parasitic creatures that occur in three stages during their life cycle, and these stages are the egg (also called a nit), the nymph, and the adult louse. The eggs or nits are attached close to the scalp on strands of hair, and take around 6 to 9 days to hatch into a nymph. The nymph then takes another week to become fully realized into an adult louse, which tends to be around the size of a sesame seed. With head lice comes itching, and a whole lot of disgust. These creatures not only create unpleasant feelings within us, but are also quite a pain to get rid of. Due to this difficulty of head lice removal, many individuals end up in a vicious cycle of recurring head lice infestations—not a pleasant scenario to find yourself in.

The Unending Cycle of Repeat Infestations

Once the lice latch on, it can be frustratingly difficult to get rid of them for good. Given the fact that they are quite the miniscule creatures and procreate rapidly, effective removal can be hard to grasp. Most individuals tend to make use of lice removal shampoos and lotions, as well as DIY home remedies, in order to attempt to get rid of head lice infestations. However, this frequently results in a never-ending cycle of repeat lice infestations. Chemical head lice removal solutions are quite the ineffective methods. They may help get rid of some of the head lice, but are not a measure that can be relied on for complete lice removal. As a result, many individuals experience repeat lice infestations soon enough. The same goes for many home remedies—using the likes of mayonnaise, oil, or Vaseline to suffocate head lice is not your best bet. They may succeed in killing a few adult lice and keep the rest dormant for a while, but the itching is back with a vengeance eventually. While we call these repeat lice infestations, the fact of the matter is that the head lice were not eliminated entirely in the first place.

Breaking the Cycle

It’s important to break this cycle by employing lice removal methods that are truly successful. As mentioned previously, most over-the-counter lice removal solutions are not the answer you are looking for. Neither are the ill-advised home remedies. So how can you seek to break the cycle? By investing in a reliable lice removal method, of course! Wet combing is generally considered to be the way to go, but for that, one needs the right tools and expertise at their disposal. For this reason, a professional lice removal service like Lice Troopers can indeed be your savior! We have a number of head lice removal salons in Miami, Coral Gables, and other locations in Florida, offering comprehensive and effective and  to our clients Give us a call at 800-403-5423 to book your appointment, and you can finally have the answer to all your head lice problems! We do lice screenings, home inspections, and in-home appointments too.