How to Prevent Lice from Coming Back Frequently (if ever)

According to the CDC, school-going children are the most susceptible to head lice infection in America. These pesky bloodsucking parasites spread by direct contact with the hair of a person with an existing head lice situation. Personal hygiene and cleanliness have nothing to do with getting head lice, which makes it difficult to prevent an outbreak. If you have a school-going child or are a teacher, chances of head lice finding their way into your home are more likely. It’s difficult to detect head lice at an early stage as the eggs are difficult to see and are often mistaken for dandruff. Nits (lice eggs) don’t cause any itching and or other symptoms that might indicate a possible infestation. However, there are certain steps that you can take to prevent the spread of head lice: Check the head routinely Lice are harder to spot as they are tiny, often transparent, and quite fast. You can identify a possible head lice presence by looking for the eggs. Lice eggs are attached to hair strands and usually populate spots behind the ears or around the back hairline. Minimize close contact As head lice are commonly spread from head-to-head contact, the best way to prevent this would be to avoid activities that involve close contact. Lice and nits can live 1 to 2 days without a host and can crawl on to clothes and places such as sofas and chairs. Avoid placing your head on seats that are public such as airplanes, doctor’s offices, and buses. Bring a scarf to place over these areas for further precaution. Tie up your hair Reportedly, girls are more likely to get head lice than boys. A good way to prevent this would be to make sure the hair is tied up when going to school or a party. Braids and buns reduce the chances of an infestation. Use the dry heat method Head lice cannot survive temperatures greater than 128 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 5 minutes. If you suspect that you’ve come in contact with someone who has lice, toss your clothing and any other items you feel needs to be cleaned into a hot water wash and then dry on high heat. Soak your hair accessories and brushes in hot water too. This will suffocate any possible lice and prevent future outbreaks. Better safe than sorry These simple prevention tips can help you minimize the risk of head life infestation for everyone in your household. If you find yourself struggling with a head lice outbreak, feel free to reach out to head lice removal and treatment experts at Lice Troopers in Weston, South Florida. We offer guaranteed effective and professional treatments using pesticide free products for a hassle-free experience.