The Daunting Task of Cleaning Your House after Having Lice

So you’ve finally managed to get rid of the lice infestation in your home. But hold on. The nightmare isn’t over yet! As bitter as that sounds, it is true. After cleaning your head from those nasty little blood sucking monsters, your home too, will be needed to be paid some careful attention to. In order to completely rid your home of the risk of re-infestation, you will need to go through a cumbersome process of disinfecting and cleaning your house.

But… Why?

Head lice don’t necessarily need a human host to survive for a long period of time. They can fall off the head and survive in clothing, hiding away in a hat, a scarf, in the corners of bedding and mattresses. Our hair falls out every day and if your hair was infested with lice, it is likely that they have fallen on your carpet. The lice could also have easily snuck into plush furniture, toys and stuffed animals.

What Can Be Done About It?

Bedding and Clothing As a first measure, take care of the more obvious areas. Since lice can hide away in bedding, take out all your bed sheets, pillows and covers. Keep them in a plastic bag and carefully take them out and put them in your dryer on a high heat for forty-five minutes. Try to keep the cleaned sheets in a plastic bag until all the other bedding is completely disinfected as well. The same treatment should be done with any and all clothing that has been worn during the time of the infestation. Coats, scarves, sweat shirts and sweaters—make sure to place all these clothing items in the drier in the same way. The duration that the item is left in the dryer should be adjusted as per the directions on the clothing label. Your Vacuum Is Your New Best Friend! Vacuum all surfaces such as mattresses and carpets, paying extra attention to seams and creases and areas where the head had been. Vacuum all floors and carpets with the same diligence as the sneaky little nasty critters could be hiding anywhere! Vacuum all plush furniture and stuffed toys as well. Mop all floors with warm water and a disinfecting floor cleaner.

Future Hair Care

Collect all hair brushes, combs, bobby pins and hair ties and soak them in a solution of warm water and a lice remover. Clean these thoroughly making sure to remove all debris and hair on and around them. Sounds like too much work?

Have Lice Troopers Save The Day!

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