Lice Treatment: What Comes After It?

Are you dealing with a stubborn case of head lice? You’re not alone! Statistics show that if you have school-aged children, there’s a good chance that your child will come home with a lice infestation. It’s important to tackle head lice infestations right away. The whole situation can be overwhelming but your work doesn’t stop there. After you’ve gotten rid of all traces of lice from your child’s hair, here’s what you should and shouldn’t do:


Check everyone

After you find out that your child was infested with lice, it’s important to check for lice in every family member. Bedtime stories and cuddles may have brought a lot more than giggles with them. Use a good nit comb or seek the help of lice specialists for 100% guaranteed lice removal.

Conduct a home inspection

home inspection for lice infestation It’s not uncommon for head lice to crawl onto personal belongings like pillow covers, bed linens, towels or hair brushes. You might also want to vacuum your carpets and clean the couch to ensure that there are no lice lurking around in the crevices. If that seems like a big task, you can always take help from certified cleaning services that will take care of head lice removal tasks. Notify others Notify those who have been in contact with the infested child. We know that this can be a bit embarrassing, but it’s a crucial step to contain the spread of lice. Plus, once other mothers are aware that their child may have been exposed to lice, they’ll get ahead of treating it before there are any chances of re-infestations.


Don’t use toxic products

Despite of what the internet suggests, don’t use chemical treatments with ingredients containing permethrin to treat lice! Not only are these chemicals toxic, but most head lice have become resistant to it.

Don’t take head lice removal lightly

Some parents wait until the eggs — known as nits — grow into live lice to treat them — since nits are challenging to remove. But the chances are that by the time the lice evolve, they would’ve laid a lot more eggs — turning it into a severe lice infestation. That’s why it’s advised to check your kid’s hair every week for lice or stay protected with memberships for free head lice screenings.

Don’t throw away everything

People tend to throw away entire wardrobes or replace every furnishing that has been in contact with lice. That’s neither recommended nor realistic! There are some things that can be washed and cleaned in a strategic way to rid of lice infestations. Exclusive home inspection services can help you in this matter; they not only thoroughly clean your home but also walk you through which items can be kept and treated and which items should be thrown away. Dealing with head lice infestation can be stressful, but these dos and don’ts can help you maintain your sanity. Get in touch with our lice removal and treatment company and get rid of those pesky critters in a convenient and affordable way!