Problems We’ve All Encountered During Our Childhood

Ah, childhood. Some of our best memories are of our shenanigans when we were kids. From playing innocent and blaming the cat when we broke mom’s previous vase, to answering for our friends during class attendance. And now, as parents, watching our kids grow and learn something new every day is an incomparable experience. We are their superheroes, their role models, and their teachers. They say that the first school a child attends is at home, and parents are the first teachers they interact with. For our munchkins, we are Super Mom and Super Dad. Therefore, it’s natural for our protective instincts to kick in when we see them in trouble. The truth is, there will always be times when your child is exposed to dangerous situations. Children are beautiful and the epitome of innocence. Their innocence stems from the fact that they are prone to getting hurt and getting into unwanted situations, without even realizing it! Here are a few childhood problems we’ve all pretty much faced:

Never Getting Enough Playtime

“I’m tired of playing hide and seek. Let’s play soccer!” “Sorry, but I have to get going. My mom will be angry” These types of conversations were pretty normal. You wanted to hang out with your friends at least an hour or two longer but curfew and school days were the bane of your existence. Weekends were also problematic because either you had to go over to grandma’s, where there were no kids, or you had to sit with Dad and do homework.

Having to be Nice to Siblings

If you’re an only child, it was the cousins. But for a kid with a sibling, or 2 of them, having to deal with their tantrums or bossiness was the norm. If they were older, you’d have to act as their minion. If they were younger, they were the baby of the house. That meant giving into their every demand. Bought candies for yourself? You’ll have to share them. Got new toys? They’re no longer yours. Everything that belonged to you belonged to them. However, anything that belonged to them belonged only to them (argh!).

The Attack of the Creepy Crawlies

Whether we admit it or not, summer holidays were spent sitting with mom, trying to get rid of head lice. It was always baffling and confusing, not knowing where the pesky critters came from. But looking back at it, you’re pretty sure it was your annoying neighbor, Betty. Either way, with fear of having to go back to school with sesame seed-sized critters roaming freely in the strands of your hair, you wore a beanie. It was either that or shaving your head. The last thing we want is for our kids to face the same problems. But one of the most common mistakes parents make is trying every “solution” in the book. Our first instinct is to look up remedies online, or run to the nearest pharmacy. It can be embarrassing, having to do the whole ‘walk of shame’ to the counter. But nothing can hold us back when it comes to our kids. The grim reality, this is exactly what leads to head lice becoming a major problem. Confused? Let us explain. The problem that bugs you gets worse, thanks to home remedies and OTC lice products. This is because the ingredients used in home remedies are ineffective. Mayonnaise and yoghurt nourish the hair and provide it with protein. But there isn’t any proof that they remove head lice! OTC lice products have harsh chemicals that can damage and ruin hair. The last thing you want to do is expose your bundle of joy to chemicals that are carcinogenic and can lead to disabilities.

The Superheroes Every Parent Needs

Just like our kids need a superhero, we as parents do too; Someone who can rescue our children from the wrath of evil parasites out for their blood (literally). This is where head lice removal services come in. Equipped with natural products that can combat head lice and nits, they make sure to prioritize your child’s safety first. From in-home treatments to home inspection and free head lice screening, there are a number of treatments available. You have the option to get treatment at home or in the clinic. We are a lice removal company that guarantees 100 percent removal in one treatment! Using pesticide free products and high quality special combs, we don’t believe in compromising your child’s safety. Call our hotline today if you’re looking for lice removal services Pembroke Pines or Hollywood, Florida! Let our professionals us help you!