Lice Prevention Tips for the First Days Back to School

All good things must come to an end. Now that summers have come to an end, it’s time to begin preparations for sending your kids back to school. Along with that comes the pressure of preventing your child from becoming a victim to a lice infestation. After all, 6-12 million children suffer with this problem every year. Lice Troopers are always here to be of service to you! Here are some head lice removal tips to adopt to protect your kids.

Personal space

Teach your children to keep a healthy distance with other kids. Head to head contact is one of the leading causes of a lice or nit infestation as per lice centers. Explain to your child about lice and how they should make it a point all the time to keep a distance from other kids. This doesn’t have to be done in a way that it affects their friendships.

Sharing of brushes

Well, sharing of any kind of item that goes on or is used for the head should be avoided at all cost. Be it a brush, hair tie, headscarf, bobby pins, whatever! Your child might get tempted by a cute barrette of someone else but sharing in this instance, is a big no! Lice tend to crawl over from these items and nestle itself in its new host and begin its feast!

Pillows and bedding

You should never share a pillow, bedding or a bed with a person who has lice. Like mentioned before, lice tend to jump around from host to host. As we spend, on average, 8 hours a night on our pillows, and are in contact with our bedding, chances of the lice moving around is exponentially high.

Regular washing of bedding

Make it a practice in your home to change all bedding once a week. While you are doing your laundry, make sure you’re washing the linens at 130°F. This temperature is ideal to kill these parasites that may live within the threads of your sheets.

Plaits are your best friend

Remember how your grandmother always told you to braid your hair? Well, that is one of the best prevention tactics for head lice. Braided hair is usually tied back tight providing a tough front for lice to penetrate through. Not to mention this is one of the most stylish ways to get the job done. You’d be killing two birds with one stone, not only would your child be lice free, they would also be “repping” (representing) the chicest hairstyles making you the coolest mom, or dad at the school. Looking for some hair “inspo”? Have a look at some of these Still worried about lice infestations in your house or your child’s head? Feel free to contact us on 800-403-5423 to book an appointment and speak with the pros. Lice Troopers provides services ranging from lice treatment at their salon, at-home treatments, screening at schools and screening your home.