Is Shaving My Head The Only Way To Get Rid of Lice?

Alright so first of all, chill out! You don’t have to shave off your hair to get rid of the nasty creepy crawlies that are lice. There are many other ways to remove the parasites from your head, and one of the most effective ones is seeking out a professional head lice removal service. Not only can the professionals help you achieve a lice-free head but they can also prevent the blood-sucking insects from coming back. Here are all the reasons you should consider booking an appointment at a lice removal service in your area.

They Use Pesticide Free Products

Over-the-counter chemical products are not only harmful to your health but they’re also ineffective at removing head lice. Professional lice removal services use pesticide free alternatives that are safe and work wonders in helping you get rid of the lice. Moreover, natural products don’t contain any pesticides, thus, the lice can’t build resistance against them.

Single Treatments

Head lice removing saloons have trained professionals who know exactly how to eliminate head lice and prevent them from coming back. They use specialized products and techniques to remove all traces of the parasites from your hair, including the nits. Since they get the job done in single treatments; professional head lice removal saloons help you save both, time and money. It’s only the severe cases that require more than one treatment. They Provide In-Home Services Lice Troopers offer customers a chance to schedule in-home treatments. Specialists come to your house in unmarked cars and help you get rid of the blood-sucking parasites from your head in the comfort of your own home. If requested, the professional head lice removal service will also screen and treat your entire home for any signs of head lice infestation.

They Have State-of-the-Art Facilities

Professional head lice removal services have state-of-the-art salons with children-friendly settings. The staff also does its best to make their clients comfortable so they’re able to get the care they deserve. Are you looking for a lice removal service in Miami Beach?Connect with Lice Troopers today! We offer pesticide free, chemical-free head lice removal services that are 100% effective. All you have to do is call us up, select one of our convenient services, at our salon or at your home and we’ll take care of the rest. Book an appointment with us today!