American Academy of Pediatricians Have This to Say About Head Lice

You won’t come across a parent who hasn’t faced a horrible head lice situation and lived to tell the tale. As difficult as the ordeal may be – a number of options are available for parents when it comes to head lice removal and prevention! Additionally, we have access to useful and helpful educational resources that guide first-time parents throughout a bad head lice situation. So why do some parents still resort to head lice treatments that don’t work at all?

Misinformation Promotes Incorrect Treatment Says American Lice Doctors

Have you ever wondered what to do about your child’s horrible head lice situation? Have you ever wondered what the safest treatment options and methods are, according to lice experts? Parents new to this situation or weathered warriors may face difficulty when treating their children for head lice. The reason is simple – a lot of misinformation leads to using the wrong treatments. This only worsens the infestation. If only there was a place parents could find all the latest information about lice treatments and pros and cons associated with each one. But there is a resource… all thanks to the American Academy of Pediatricians! The academy not only lists down treatment options with their respective pros and cons but also provides tips and advice regarding lice removal.

Updated Information about Head Lice and Its Treatment

Parents and even schoolteachers can stay updated regarding treatments and solutions through AAP. The academy keeps updating its educational resources so that individuals have access to the best and latest information on lice removal. Their most recent update is a research article compiled in 2015 and featuring newest information about the subject, found since 2010. The new report contains information about current diagnosis and treatment protocol, as well as provides expert guidance for managing children with head lice in the home and school setting. According to AARP, most head lice are acquired outside of the school setting. In the 2010 updated report, the nonprofit organizational continues to make recommendations against the no-nit policy. AARP states that a healthy child shouldn’t be restricted from attending school just because of head lice or nits. Pediatricians and professional caregivers are encouraged to educate parents as well as schools regarding correct and safe treatment methods. Additionally, there’s criticism of no-nit policies in the report. Lice Troopers lice clinic Plantation is dedicated to provide parents with the right treatment option as well as education, fulfilling requirements set by AARP. Schedule a lice inspection appointment today!