Lice Paranoia – 4 Signs of Post Traumatic Lice Disorder

If a long-standing sufferer of lice infestation was to rate their trauma on a scale, it would go to the extreme end. It’s no surprise that these little critters can disrupt the lives of “victims” in ways that are unimaginable. Work productivity, academic performance, mood stability, physical health and mental wellbeing—lice infestation can affect all these aspects of a person’s life. Anecdotes and personal stories of people have shown how traumatic the experience of having lice infestation can be.  The consequences are so grave that it’s now being called Post Traumatic Lice Disorder. Here are some telltale signs that indicate that you’re suffering from PTLD.

Hide in Hoodies

If you’ve gone through the pain once, you’ll swear on your life never to let your guard down again. This is why be it watching a movie in a cinema or sitting in a car, you’ll always keep a hoodie over your head. Hot weather and suffocation is the least of all your concerns when all you’re worrying about is preventing contact between your head and any form of upholstery.

Public Places

To err is human and you may forget your hoodie once in a while. But you’re always equipped with a back-up plan. No matter wherever you’re seated, you’ll sit up straight in a disciplined position to, again, avoid a possible contraction. If you’re in the bus, you’ll scooch your bag or books behind your hip and sit as far away from the seat as possible. If you don’t even have support, well, you’ll just have to sit up straight anyway.

Coat and Backpack Divide

During recess or P.E. class, children tend to pile their coats and backpacks in a heap collectively. For a person suffering from PTLD, that’s a big warning sign because it brings into contact innumerable lice! To avoid panicking in such a situation, they’ll most likely keep their belongings away from the crowded population of potential critters. This helps ward off the danger of infestation through accessories.

Hair Care Routine

The extensive hair care routine and preventive treatments for head lice are endless. Irrespective of how far behind in your past you suffered from an infestation, one lesson is enough for life. You’ll follow a strict regimen whereby you dump a range of different anti-lice products in your hair. You may even comb your hair aggressively with a lice comb just to be sure you’re safe! But this becomes a disorder when you know it might make lice resistant and you still use them.

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