Answers to head lice questions that you are afraid to ask

Lice infestation is a common problem faced by adults and children alike. But we at Lice Troopers know that most often people feel uncomfortable to ask questions related to this issue to avoid further embarrassment. So let us give you the answers to some questions you wish to ask, but won’t.

1.     Turns out my kids have lice. But no one has to know right?

Wrong! You absolutely have to let those around you know. Think of it as your civil responsibility. You child might infest another kids with lice and that kid will go on to infest a few more and before we know it, we have an outbreak to deal with. So your kid has lice. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about it. It could’ve happened to anyone else’s kid and it is not your fault. You can take your child to a lice treatment center and all will be well again. But you have to tell your kid’s school teacher or other mothers to make sure that this infestation does not spread.

2.     I took my child to a head lice removal salon and haven’t seen any lice since. Should I tell someone about the former infestation?

Case 1: There is a chance, small though, that your child infested someone before you took him/her to a head lice treatment salon. So again it comes down as a duty to inform the school or other parents if you hear of further outbreaks. Case 2: If you never hear anyone else complaining about the problem, then there is absolutely no need to announce that your child used to have lice. You can choose to keep it a secret or flaunt your mothering skills to tell people how you caught the lice outbreak early and efficiently took care of it.

3.     If someone asks me whether my kid ever had lice, am I supposed to tell the truth?

Again, it depends. You have to tell if your child infested someone else, and you don’t have to say anything if they didn’t. Or you can simply choose to help out other parents who are going through the same phase as you did. You can tell them about the signs you discovered of lice infestation and what steps you took to get rid of them. To know more about lice removals and our other services, call us today!