Beat Super-Lice this Summer with Professional Lice Removal Services

If you haven’t heard of it already, the term ‘super-lice’ is used to describe a new generation of lice that is resistant to the pesticides used in OTC anti-lice shampoos and medication. Researchers and parents have found that age-old anti-lice products are ineffective when it comes to removing these new lice.

Anti-Lice Shampoos & Medication

Anti-lice shampoos and medication were once the go-to solutions for lice. Parents will massage their child’s head with anti-lice products and leave it in there for a few minutes. The chemicals in the products temporarily paralyzed lice allowing them to be removed under shower. Anti-lice products were considered very useful for parents back in the day but even then it took  2 to 4 tries before the lice were completely removed. Even then, there was no guarantee that all nits had been extracted.


In 2016, a study found that this new drug-resistant strain of lice has spread to 48 states. Previously lice could be treated with permethrin and pyrethrin that are found in conventional anti-lice products but they fail to work on super-lice.

How they spread

Super-lice spread just like regular lice. They can be caught by head-to-head contact. Contact with infested furniture and the sharing of belongings such as hairbrushes, pillows, hats, etc.

What do they look like?

Super-lice look like just like normal lice, their only differentiating characteristic is that they are unaffected by permethrin and pyrethrin. So if super-lice can’t be treated with conventional anti-lice products, how do you remove them?

Professional lice removal services

By far the most effective way to treat lice is to hire professional lice removal services. With these services, not only are all the lice removed but the nits as well. While other methods of lice removal cannot guarantee that all nits and nymphs (baby lice) are removed, professional lice removing technicians will meticulously check the hair to make sure the head is completely free of critters and their eggs.

Lice Troopers

Lice Troopers offer professional lice removal services that include in-home lice removal, home inspection and cleaning, school & camp screenings as well as lice treatment centers. Upon booking an appointment, we’ll send our trained technicians to your home that will screen and extract all lice and nits within a matter of hours. We will then proceed to check your home for any fallen lice and thoroughly clean the problem areas (bedding, couches, pillows, etc). You also have the option of booking an appointment for our lice treatment centers in Orlando and Winter Park where we remove lice using advanced technology and pesticide free products. Call 407-801-6045 to book an appointment at in the lice treatment center Winter Park and 407-893-3940 to book an appointment at their lice treatment center in Orlando.