3 Hairstyles To Prevent The Spread of Lice

Be it a party or a regular work day, deciding how to tie your hair can take up to 20 minutes of mirror time. The task naturally becomes more complicated when you have to use your hairstyle for other purposes: covering bald spots, concealing dandruff or (worse yet) preventing the spread of head lice. Having a severe head lice infestation doesn’t say anything about your personal hygiene. A genuinely clean person can contract these critters as much as someone who doesn’t maintain basic hygiene standards. Hence, basic cleaning or shampooing won’t solve the issue. You need to consult professionals who can do the job for lasting results. However, there is no quick fix for lice infestations. Even the treatment process is long and enduring, if you want to do it the right way. Meanwhile, the real concern is to prevent it from spreading and this is what this blog will help you learn. Apart from other prevention techniques that your certified lice specialist shares, there are some hairstyles that actually help contain the problem.


Buns are the single-most convenient hairstyles that look good on people of all ages. Whether your child is a school-going student, a college student or a working adult, they can opt for buns as their go-to hairstyle option. However, for the purposes of preventing lice infestations, buns help secure all your hair on the top or back of your head and keep loose strands from dangling near your face. If you let your hair down, lice clinging to the hair shafts can travel from head to head. Buns definitely help lower the risk.


If you’re not too fond of buns or feel like your hair’s too thin to make a picture-perfect bun, you can always tie them in a braid. With braids, you have the luxury of trying many different styles that will suit your hair type and length. Be it a fishtail or a French braid, this hairstyle is perfect for all occasions. But since the need of the hour is to contain the risk of spreading head lice, braids do this job quite well. Even though your hair is down, it is firmly plaited such that no strands are loose.

Plaited Ponytail

You’d often see school girls with this hairstyle because it is just so convenient to make. All you have to do it brush your hair back and secure it high into a ponytail. Once you’re sure no strands are falling out of the grip, you can braid the remainder of the hair until the end. This ensures that your braid doesn’t touch your neck and can also contain all the tiny critters inside until your scalp is wiped clean with regular lice treatment sessions. We offer lice treatment services in many locations in the US. Contact us at your earliest when you spot the first lice on your head.