Dangers of Lice Infestation: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Share Warm Clothes in fall

Are you excited about fall fashion trends? Can’t wait to cuddle with your loved ones and share a blanket while you relax and watch Netflix? You may have prepared your wardrobe for colder climates but are you ready to deal with the dangers of sharing winter clothes?

Are head lice contagious?

When it comes to lice, the only way they can spread is by coming into contact with someone who already has lice. You need to be particularly wary of their scalp. Head lice are contagious but not in the same way as bacterial and viral infections.

What should you avoid sharing to reduce the risk of a lice infestation?

They can be passed on by sharing articles of clothing that cover the head and neck such as beanies, scarves, hats, or even hoodies. Other things that can have lice are things that come in contact with the head most often. This includes hairbrushes, pillow covers, hair accessories or plush toys and even bed sheets. Encourage your children to keep their heads covered but keep head to head contact minimal, especially if you’ve been informed of an outbreak in school.

What preventative measures can you take?

Head lice do not survive long after they are removed from the hair. Nits will also not hatch and perish within seven days if they are not close to the scalp as they won’t have the environment they need to survive and grow. There are some things that you can do to make sure you prevent your children from getting lice. Discourage them from sharing any clips, ribbons, headbands, hats, beanies or other headgear with their friends at school. Make sure your combs and brushes as well as your pillow covers, and bed sheets are disinfected regularly. You can wash them with hot water to get rid of lice.

What not to do?

For your own peace of mind, you can do a thorough cleaning of the house. However, this does little to avoid reinfestation. Also avoid using sprays and pesticides as these can be harmful and hazardous for children and don’t remove lice effectively either. Also, avoid over the counter treatments and products as lice have become resistant to them and they also contain harmful substances in them. Similarly, home-remedies are a waste of time as well and put you at the risk of reinfestation. Seek our professional help at the best lice removal salon in Kendall and Pinecrest. We offer lice removal using safe and non-toxic products. Contact us at 800-403-5423.