Get Rid of Those Louse-y Lice – Here’s How!

Around 6 to 12 million people in the U.S. have been reported to be suffering from head lice, and just as many tears have been shed. Head lice have become a rampant problem worldwide and have frustrated even the most patient of individuals. Thriving on sucking blood from your scalp bit by bit, lice are notoriously hard to get rid of. Once they’ve taken hold of your hair, your life can go off-track for weeks, months even. Not only will a head lice infestation disrupt your daily routine, it will suck out your peace of mind along with the blood. They also leave their eggs all over your hair as a bonus gift. Nits, or lice eggs, get stuck like superglue to the hair shaft and can be painstaking to get rid of. But no need to start wallowing in despair; despite their persistence, lice can be removed from your hair. Here are a few methods available for use.

Using a Medically Formulated Treatment for Head Lice

One of the most common options that people use to get rid of lice is a medicated delousing shampoo. Although effective, it has been known to contain harmful toxins that are hazardous to health.


Another popular method of lice removal is using a special fine-tooth lice comb to manually remove nits and lice from the hair. Although a good way to get rid of all the lice, it is a very patience-testing, meticulous task.

Essential Oils

Several essential oils such as peppermint eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, neem, and others are an pesticide free method of eradicating lice. But you’ll still have to comb out the nits in order to completely remove the infestation.

Vaseline, Mayonnaise, Oils

Another popular method of getting rid of lice is by suffocating them. Slathering your hair in greasy smothering agents like mayonnaise, Vaseline, or oils such as coconut and olive for 8-12 hours is known to be effective. But it is a very messy and smelly process and not that kid-friendly either. Cleaning Household Fabrics

Cleaning Household Fabrics

After you’ve treated the lice, send household items such as bedding, pillowcases, or other fabrics for a thorough wash so as to get rid of lice completely.

Quarantining Hair Items

Once you’ve discovered you, or someone else in the family has contracted lice, quickly separate all the brushes, headbands, hats, scarves, or anything that has been worn by the affected individual. It will reduce the chances of others catching it.

Hire a Professional Service

Your best chance of getting rid of lice – immediately, easily, conveniently, and once and for all – is by visiting a lice removal expert. We here at Lice Troopers offer the best lice treatment in Miami Beach. We use pesticide free products to ensure lice removal in one sitting. Once we catch a hold of the lice, they never come back in sight. Call us now at 800-403-5423 to schedule an appointment!