We know, the thought of a head lice infestation breaking out in your home makes you cringe and start scratching your head. But when it comes to fighting this bug, knowledge is power. Here’s what you need to know about lice: Anyone can get lice. Maybe you’re comforting yourself with the thought that because you keep a tidy home and your children bathe regularly, you’re in the clear. But the idea that head lice breed and spread in unsanitary or unhygienic conditions is a myth. Lice are simply parasites that spread easily. It has nothing to do with socioeconomic class, living conditions or cleanliness. Lice actually prefer clean hair. And remember, even though far more children will contract an infestation, parents can get lice too! Chemical treatments are a no-no. Many parents, in a knee jerk reaction after finding out that one of their kids has lice, run to the drugstore for a lice shampoo or other pesticide treatment that promises to get rid of the pesky bugs and their nits. Or, fearing that their home is now crawling with lice, reach for a harsh chemical spray in an attempt to fumigate their living environment. If the products actually worked, there might be a case for their use, despite the fact that they have all been shown to cause nasty side effects. But they don’t work. Over time, lice have evolved to become resistant to even the most potent chemicals on the market. Skip these products. Lice are a nuisance, but getting rid of them isn’t rocket science. Pesticide free treatments for hair and home keep you and your family safe and get rid of the problem once and for all. Lice are highly contagious, but completely preventable. If you hear of lice in your child’s classroom and then begin to assume that within a short time you’ll be dealing with the problem too, you’re not entirely off base. Lice spread quickly among children in close proximity, such as in a classroom, on a sports team, or at summer camp. Head-to-head contact and the sharing of personal belongings are the main avenues by which lice spread among a population. The good news is, a case of head lice in your child’s classroom doesn’t have to mean a case of lice in your home. Help your kids understand the importance of avoiding head-to-head contact and encourage them to keep their personal belongings “personal.” Keeping long hair tied back in a ponytail, braids or bun will also help stop the spread. Help is available. Lice Troopers has the proven, pesticide free treatment that is safe, fast and 100% guaranteed. No pesticides, no harsh chemicals, just a simple and effective method that parents and physicians can feel good about. Best of all, your treatment is 100% guaranteed! For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call, school or camp consultation, please visit our website at: or call 1-800-403-LICE. Our Miami treatment center locations are here to serve you: Bay Harbor Lice Treatment Center, 1005 Kane Concourse, Suite 212, Bay Harbor Island, FL 33154 Coral Gables Lice Treatment Clinic, 2100 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33154 Hollywood Treatment Center, 5735 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33021