“Son, You Have Head Lice” – Is This The Best Way To Break The Subject Of Head Lice?

As a parent, your first reaction discovering lice on your child’s hair isn’t always your proudest moment.

There’s disbelief, mixed with slight disgust and plenty of despair. There is also the question, “Why me?” Yes, lice are difficult to deal with. Add into this the social stigma surrounding head lice and you are left wondering how to broach this subject to your children.

Why Is This Important?

It makes a huge difference on how your kids handle lice removal treatments and take preventative measures against this menace.

Hopefully, the following facts about head lice will educate you:

  • Head lice are 1 of top 3 reasons why kids miss school
  • Each year, about 6–12 million kids in the US (between 3-11 years) contract head lice
  • Head lice aren’t dangerous, only high contagious and may lead to skin issues in the long run
  • Head lice aren’t signs of lack of hygiene, unwashed or unclean hair. In fact, lice thrive in clean hair!
  • Head lice are unable to fly, jump or swim
  • Human head lice cannot live on your pets.
  • Head lice cannot live on inanimate objects, such as airplane seats, couch, carpet, etc. They may die without a human host in a few hours; which is why it’s possible that you can contract lice from a sofa, clothes, scarves, etc.

Understanding this is crucial for the prevention of these critters. The expert lice removal technicians at Lice Troopers talk about eliminating the stigma that surrounds head lice and educating individuals about prevention.

Normalizing Head Lice

Head lice are common. This condition afflicts millions of people around the world regardless of race, sex, social or economic background. Additionally, head lice aren’t a condition per se…just an annoying menace. Our society has stigmatized children and adults with head lice far too long. It should be understood head lice are not only common but easily treatable.

Educating about Head Lice

Explaining signs of head lice infestation to your kid will help make the communication process easier. This will make kids proactive when it comes to head lice detection. You won’t be blindsided with a sudden case of head lice infestation!

You can make things easier by signing up to Lice Trooper’s monthly lice inspection services too.