Head Lice Misconceptions

As many as 6–12 million people in the US get infested with head lice on an annual basis. It’s natural, then, to want to find out as much as you can about these bugs. This can become unnecessarily difficult because of the overload of misinformation and countless myths that surround head lice. Information from unreliable sources can cause confusion and may even make you use a treatment that does more harm than good. This post discusses the 5 most common myths and misconceptions about head lice.

#1) OTC Treatments Work Effectively

Prescription shampoos and Over-The-Counter pesticides may not be as effective in eliminating head lice and their nits (eggs) as advertisements may lead you to believe. Research suggests that head lice have grown resistant to the pesticides chemical-based treatments contain. Treatments Work Effectively In fact, one of the major contributing factors behind the high frequency of head lice infestations is product failure. Even when people using these products follow the instructions to a T, they only see a slight decrease in the number of head lice crawling around on their head or witness an eventual head lice comeback.

#2) Lice Fly or Jump From Head To Head

Since the anatomy of a head louse doesn’t allow for wings, there is little possibility of them flying around infecting people willy-nilly. You should also know that these wingless bugs can be as big as a small ant and that their legs are made to cling tightly to hair shafts. Factors like shaking your head or having strong gusts of wind blow through your hair may make you think that the lice are jumping from your head to another, but this just isn’t true.

#3) Head Lice Can Be Removed With Soap and Water

Despite the absurdity of this idea, there are some people who believe that this deeply-rooted myth has some truth to it. Since head lice have been known to become resistant to pesticides over time, they are definitely not going to be deterred by soapy water.

#4) You Get Lice Because of Poor Hygiene

If you or your child has lice, it’s time to stop feeling guilty about it. It’s very easy to catch a person’s lice if they sit close to you for long or if you share the same hair tool. No matter how rigorously you follow your personal hygiene routine, head lice infestation can happen to you; regardless of your hygiene level.

#5) Itching Is The Ultimate Sign Of A Head Lice Infestation

Despite what you may have heard, it’s possible to have a head lice infestation and not show any symptoms like itchiness. This means that you may have lice and not even know it. This is especially true for the first infestation or when the severity is mild. It can actually take up to a month or more (4–6 weeks) for a newly infested person to even begin complaining about relentless itching. If you want to be free of head lice for the long-term, get in touch with Lice Troopers; the only professional lice removal services you need in Hollywood, FL. We offer extensive in-home lice removal as well as complete home inspection and cleaning. To benefit from our pesticide free, guaranteed lice treatment service, schedule an appointment with us today!