5 Things Parents Should Know To Survive a Super Lice Infestation

As parents, there are few sights scarier than watching those small white eggs on the edge of your child’s scalp. Millions of kids in the United States are affected each year with lice infestation. To add to the trouble, there has been an outbreak of mutant lice (super lice) in the country. Let’s take a look at what parents can do to deal with this super lice situation:
  1. Preventing Super Lice
The best way to deal with super lice is to prevent them from invading your child’s head in the first place. Lice crawl from one head to another, thus it will help to encourage your kids to keep their distance from other children, i.e. avoid head to head contact. You should also remind your kids not to share hats, combs or other items that come into contact with the hair.
  1. Super Lice Are More Resistant
Super lice look and behave just like normal lice, but these creepy crawlers have only become more tenacious. They are now resistant to the common chemicals that were previously used to get rid of them. This does not make them more dangerous, but surely more difficult to eradicate. Over-the-counter products will not work, so you must seek professional guidance.
  1. Symptoms That Your Child Has Super Lice Infestation
The symptoms of lice infestation include a feeling of something moving in the hair, itchy scalp, irritation on the head and difficulty in sleeping. These are the same symptoms of standard lice. And the good news is, combing is as effective with super lice as it is with regular lice. However, it is best to consult a specialist when you see your child experiencing any of these symptoms.
  1. Nitpicking Surely Helps
When you know that your child has a super lice infestation, let a professional carry out the nitpicking job with a special comb. No matter how “super” these lice get, nitpicking is one tried and tested method that has been used for centuries and never fails to get rid of the small creatures lurking on a human head.
  1. Do Not Panic
Do Not PanicFinally, relax! As parents, you may be overly sensitive about your kid and a case of lice. But remember that super lice are not monsters. Yes, they can produce infections if remain untreated, but they are not fatal. Just stay calm and do what you need to do to handle the situation. Lice Troopers truly understands the super lice phenomenon and knows exactly how to eliminate them from your child’s head. Our head lice removal salon provides one of the best lice treatment services in Miami. Bring your kids and let our experts do what they do best.