Stranger Danger: Protecting Your Kids from Lice This Fall

As parents, we have a natural instinct and urge to protect our kids from all kinds of danger. Whether it’s keeping an eye on them when they’re playing outside, or warning them not to talk to strangers—we go above and beyond to protect our kids. And with fall here, your little one can’t wait to run outside and play with their friends in the park. You want to make sure they stay safe but also have fun. The best way to ensure that is by making sure they don’t come back home with an uninvited guest! Head lice are the bane of every parent’s existence. And they extremely difficult to get rid of! So, how can you make sure your child doesn’t fall prey to these pesky critters this fall? Here’s what you can do:

Tie Their Hair or Make Them Wear a Cap  

Before you send them outside to play, make sure to tie their hair or cover it with a beret, beanie, or a cap. For girls, we suggest going with a ponytail or braids. Ponytails and braids cover the scalp, making it difficult for lice to penetrate through. For boys, we recommend going with a cap. You need to make sure your child’s hair is covered.

Don’t Use Home Remedies  

A lot of parents fall prey to online home remedies. Don’t expose your child’s scalp to all kinds of concocts. Home remedies require mixing different ingredients that can be found in every kitchen. While they’re not as harmful or dangerous as OTC products, they can lead to hair loss. Some ingredients can also irritate the scalp.

Go For Regular Head Lice Screening

It’s easy to miss a nit or two because most people mistake nits for dandruff. They’re very similar to flakes and can be easy to miss. But a professional knows the difference between nits and dandruff. Make sure to go for regular head lice screening sessions at a lice removal clinic. A professional can also determine the severity of the situation and what your next step should be. At Lice Troopers, we offer natural treatments and solutions for all your lice-related woes. You can count on us to get rid of the pesky critters in one sitting. If you’re worried about your child contracting lice, just leave it all to us! You can visit our Weston clinic or go with our in-home removal services if you want to resolve the issue discreetly. Give us a call at 800-403-5423 to book an appointment and learn more.