Many parents don’t associate the end of summer and the beginning of school with head lice, but year after year, head lice outbreaks show an uptick right around this time. The reason is simple. During the summer months kids are at camp and families are taking vacations, often sleeping in close quarters with other families and sharing personal belongings. Lice pass easily and silently.


And since these bugs and their nits can take up to six weeks to produce the common symptoms such as itching and bites along the neck, parents send their kids back to school without hesitation, never even suspecting that an infestation may be underway.


The good news is it is possible to decrease your risk of lice. That also means avoiding the hassle of endless failed treatments, absences from school and the general stress and panic that these creepy crawlies tend to produce.


While it is hard to control head-to-head contact when kids are in close quarters at summer camp, you can help your children to understand the rick of head lice and how the bugs and nits are passed. When kids understand what this parasite is all about, they’re more likely to partner with you in trying to stay lice free.


Lice pass easily when hair touches hair. One little bug in one child’s hair can crawl into the hair of another when the two heads are close together. For this reason, we recommend that kids avoid take selfies and other head-to-head photographs.


Personal belongings that have contact with the head and hair are the other main vehicle for these pests. That includes pillows, bedding, sleeping bags, hats, towels, hairbrushes and hair accessories—all things that kids tend to trade and share when they’re away from home. Encourage your child to keep these personal items personal.


When possible, keep long hair tied up in a ponytail, bun or braids, as these hairstyles don’t provide the loose hair strands that the parasite typically uses to travel from one head to another. Applying garlic extract to your child’s hair can also serve as a deterrent.


If someone in your household does end up with a case of lice it isn’t the end of the world, but it must be treated quickly and effectively to avoid spreading it to others. Lice Troopers provides an pesticide free, non-toxic treatment that handles the problem quickly and safely. One treatment is all you need—guaranteed.


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