Environment Matters: Your Head Lice Polluting Your Home

As their name indicates, head lice should remain in our heads and not go anywhere else. Our lives would be easier if the lice did not roam around. No lice on the pillows, on the sofa cushions, on your favorite shirt, or in any anyone else’s hair. If only we were that lucky. Unfortunately, there is only so much excitement you can provide for your head lice, and they need to feel the freshness of new hair under their feet. Lucky for us, lice cannot jump or fly. But that will not hold them back from crawling absolutely EVERYWHERE.

On The Prowl

It’s problematic, because once you have had your lice treatment; the lice on your belongings can come back in your hair and re-start the lousy life cycle all over aging. Although head lice cannot survive for more than 48 hours out of human hair, it’s time enough for a re-visitation. When the head lice call at your hair-step, it is time to pack up your things. No, you are not moving out, just trying to evict the critters.
  • Stick your personal belongings in plastic bags. This includes your sheets, pillow cases and cushion covers, and other bedding material. Any hair accessories and clothes you recently wore go in as well.
  • Keep your things bagged for a minimum of 48 hours. The head lice will starve and die.
  • Pop the washable items in a wash cycle. It will clean away any surviving lice. Plus, a wash can help ward away the phantom lice after a treatment.
  • Make sure to get every other person of your household checked and treated for lice as well. If lice can get on your belongings, then be sure that they get on other people in your home who use them.
Lice can remain anywhere else, and if want perfection in reversing the pollution of lice in your home, call up professional lice removal services. In addition to lice treatments for hair, the specialists also treat lice roaming in your home. Lice Troopers provides complete home inspection and lice removal services Miami Beach. We make sure to check up every corner and crevice to find lice. Your belongings are quarantined with care to make sure no lice are left alive. We also offer lice removal services at the comfort of your own home. Our lice doctors have a high regard for our client’s discretion. We employ pesticide free techniques to treat lice. Call us today at 800-403-5423 to bring your all-in-one lice solution at your home!