Avoiding Lice during Football Season

Fall and Football

There are two good things about September–December: cool weather and football season. Whether it’s NFL or college football, this is the time when stakes are high, and games are intense. Kick-offs are kicking off and there’s a buzz of excitement all around. Football season—or any sport for that matter—means a lot of time spent in locker rooms. What’s better than spending those extra moments with your teammates, just hanging around, bonding over the game that just happened, or hyping each other before heading out to the field? Locker rooms have a certain connotation attached to them as social spaces; from the notorious locker room talk that goes on there to the spaces holding a symbolic and strategic importance in establishing team morale. They’re spaces that you share with your teammates, the people who have your back, know your weaknesses and strengths and understand when you need that push. They’re spaces where athletes can unwind, be themselves and open up about their fears, apprehensions and come together in camaraderie.

A lot of sharing takes place in locker rooms

Not just the emotional kind of sharing. When we talk about sharing in locker rooms, we mean teammates sharing everything from soap to clothes, sometimes even lending spare jockstraps to your bros. Sharing a space to shower, change, get ready is obviously going to lead to the blurring of certain boundaries and situations where you’re sharing more than intended. You want to help your teammate out the way they helped you too, right? Sure. But remember, you’re running the risk of a lice infestation by not maintaining distance. Nobody likes turning away their bro who needs to borrow a hat for the chilly autumn air, but remember, that bro might have a head full of lice from his summer vacation. Maybe he needs to borrow your helmet for a practice session, or needs your brush because he forgot his. You wouldn’t even think twice about it on most occasions—but remember that fall is one of the peak seasons for lice infestation. It’s when people are coming back from long vacations or living through the summer heat.

So what can you do to prevent this little bug from getting around?

It’s quite simple, really. Be sure do take care of the following whenever you’re in the locker-room during games:
  1. Don’t share your clothes — lice can be transferred via clothing items such as shirts and jackets
  2. Don’t share hats, caps, helmets — especially since lice can survive anywhere from 24–48 hours off the human body
  3. Don’t share your brush or comb — minimize the exchange of styling tools as far as you can
  4. Don’t share towels — apart from being unhygienic, towels are also traps for lice and can easily lead to a transfer
  5. Don’t get too close — even during pictures, don’t put your head against other people, especially when sweaty.
You’ll be okay if you’re careful, but in case you’re worried about an infestation, you can drop by our lice clinic in Oceanside NY or swing by for a checkup and lice removal treatment at our Rockville Centre clinic. Call us at 800-403-5423  or write to us on info@licetroopers.com for booking an appointment.