The Deal with Non-Chemical Lice Removal Treatments

Back in my day, we didn’t have super lice to deal with. My mom would just slather a special chemical treatment she made at home and the lice would go away! If, as a parent, you’re thinking along these lines, you’re not alone. It’s true that about a decade ago, super lice weren’t even a thing. But thanks to evolution, we’ve come to a point where these superbugs are real, and chemical treatments are ineffective against them. Not to mention that they have many side effects! This is why many have turned to pesticide free treatments for results. And while the outcome have been positive, some people are still concerned and confused. Are these treatments really without side effects or faults? What differentiates them from basic home remedies? We have the answer!

Understanding Non-Chemical Treatments

Let’s clear a misconception first: Non-chemical lice treatments, i.e. pesticide free treatments, are not the same as home remedies Home remedies use household products to clear the hair of lice. Pesticide free treatments use ingredients that are specially designed to remove lice without any side effects. Guaranteed to remove nits and parasites, these non-chemical treatments retain the health of your hair. Home remedies like the mayonnaise trick leaves your hair feeling greasy, oily, and smelly. And the rub of it is that it doesn’t completely get rid of lice either. Though some argue that you could just use the remedy multiple times, what it boils down to is, ‘do you really need to put yourself through all this trouble?’

Using Pesticide Free Treatments

All-Natural TreatmentsPesticide Free treatments aren’t the same as those made in your kitchen. Concocted by expert technicians and professional lice doctors, these treatments work the first time around so there isn’t usually any need to go multiple times. Non-greasy, non-smelly and effective, pesticide free treatments are your best bet at being lice-free for an affordable price, without having you worry about any side-effects. And that’s what Lice Troopers in Pembroke Pines offers as well. Our pesticide free treatment works for all hair types and is available at an affordable price. So there’s no need to worry. All you have to do is book an appointment and let the treatment take care of the rest.