Fighting the Lice Battle – The Era of the Super Lice

Back in the day, lice weren’t as strong. You’d be sitting at home with a magazine, your hair doused with the classic foul-smelling over-the-counter treatment your parents favor so much. And you’d see lice fall on those magazine pages— their dead carcasses dropping from your hair strands like flies. Now, lice are more resistant, and not just to your nitpicking abilities. According to certain research studies, lice have now evolved into what doctors call super lice. Their immune systems have made them stronger, faster and sneakier. No more are they susceptible to the harsh chemicals those OTC treatments would use. Neither are they affected by any home remedies. And as school season approaches, it’s only more important that you know what to do in case there is an outbreak!

Understanding Super Lice

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. Even with the word super added to their name, lice aren’t any more dangerous than they were before, and by that we mean, not at all. Lice are still a cosmetic inconvenience. Only now they’re just more stubborn to get out. But this doesn’t mean that you need to attack your hair with some industry-grade insecticide (DO NOT TRY THAT!) Instead, it’s better to turn to Mother Nature for the answer.

Using Natural Anti-Lice Treatments

Bizarre Ways of Treating LiceOver the years, people have become aware of natural anti-lice treatments. These anti-lice treatments should not be mistaken for natural home remedies though. Ingredients such as mayo, tea tree oil, kerosene and many more might have been used in previous years. However, we now know more about their dangers and ineffectiveness when it comes to lice removal. Instead, these lice removal treatments use safe, pesticide free, non-toxic ingredients that not only help us get rid of nits and lice, but also improve our hair health. So there’s no worry about your hair getting damaged from any harsh chemicals. Instead, you have soft, lice-free hair after one or two treatments (in case you have a mild infestation). If you have a heavy infestation though, you’ll need additional treatments. But since the ingredients aren’t harmful, one can easily get those treatments done without being concerned about their overall health.

At-Home Lice Removal Services in Orlando, FL

At Home Lice Removal ServicesWhile there are many lice removal clinics that use such methods, not all of them offer comprehensive lice removal services like Lice Troopers in Orlando, FL. As a leading clinic, we provide at-home salon services as well as inspection and screening services to make your home lice-free. Whatever your lice related problem may be, we try to find an easy, affordable solution. So if you think that itch might be a telltale sign of super lice, come on down to our lice removal clinic Orlando. We’ll have those lice removed in a jiffy!