Back to School Head Lice Prevention Checklist

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to head lice. Yet many parents and schoolteachers begin worrying and stressing about lice after an outbreak. They end up trying a hundred different treatment methods (sometimes repeatedly).   However, 6-12 million people in America still get head lice, most of them children. What are parents doing wrong? Well… one thing does come to mind. Lice prevention is important (even more sometimes) when it comes to thorough lice removal. Lice inspection and prevention is essential when you want to make sure your child remains lice free even after starting school again. Here is the prevention checklist Coral Gables based Lice Troopers has shared with parents before turning them loose for school.

Conduct Weekly Lice Inspection Checks

The sooner signs of lice are discovered in the head (in case of an infestation); the better it will be parents. Do you check your family for lice yourself or visit a head lice removal salon? It doesn’t matter which option of inspection is chosen – the target is fast and easy treatment. Some signs to look out for are:
  •  An itchy scalp
  •  Small rashes around hairline/behind ears
  •  White or tan specks (looking like dandruff) in hair
Lice inspections are recommended once a week… preferably after hair has been washed and still a bit damp. Do remember to:

Check Your Whole Family for Head Lice

This is really important.
  •  Check all family members for head lice and nits
  •  Consider getting an appointment at Lice Troopers right away
  •  Research about lice prevention tips and advice
  •  Encourage other family members to take an appointment if any lice are found

Sharing is Caring – Please Share This Info

Lice are highly contagious because of their lightening speed and ability to crawl to another head easily. As such, you will…
  •  Call parents of your child’s friends and other children in close contact together
  •  Cancel all play dates and sleepovers until these blood sucking parasites are removed
  •  Make sure to notify your child’s school about the infestation
Whatever the matter, however ugly the infestation becomes – don’t take stress. Take a deep breath! First reassure yourself that everything will be okay. Then tell your child he or she has nothing to be ashamed about – lice infestations happen! Has your kid been diagnosed with head lice? Don’t try to perform DIY lice removal miracles (you won’t be able to) and instead call now for professional lice removal service Coral Gables today!