Think Contracting Head Lice is Funny? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t be Laughing

Be it at school or work, at a restaurant or home—the stigma of head lice never escapes you. You may not be the victim here; you may never even have contracted lice in your entire life. But you’ve definitely crossed (or will cross) paths with someone suffering from the agonizing pain of a lice infestation. And when that happens, you’ll be tempted to look down from your high horse and scowl at those who don’t share your proclivity for cleanliness.

Setting the Record Straight

There are two things fundamentally wrong with that picture: 1) It highlights your ignorance of the fact that you, too, could contract head lice simply by standing close to or sharing a space with someone who has it. 2) It implies a correlation between poor physical hygiene and contracting head lice—which couldn’t be farther from the truth! Before getting defensive and finding ways to debate a scientific fact, save your time, energy (and money in the near future) by doing your research and learning more about how lice spreads from head to head. The truth is, head lice being found only in unkempt, untamed hair is an age-old myth, and one of the reasons underlying the social stigma associated so heavily with it. Starting to feel a bit apprehensive about suddenly contracting a condition that you thought you were perpetually immune to? You should!

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

And we mean literally. Due to the contagious nature head lice infestations, it’s important to focus more on a solution that works—every single time! This means a big bold “no” to investing in over-the-counter lice removal products that make big claims, but do nothing besides adding to your stress and shrinking the size of your wallet. Instead, look for a solution that is not only affordable, but more importantly, focuses on an pesticide free, non-toxic solution that is as effective in treating head lice as it is in enhancing the health and quality of your hair. Yes, we’re talking about a professional lice removal company with a proven track record of success. A team of hair-care experts near you, who have taken scientific research and invested in state-of-the-art technology to bring you a service that actually works! Lice Troopers is a Miami-based company with lice clinics and salons across Florida, New York and Los Angeles. Contact them at 1-(800)-403-5423 and get a head screening to make sure karma doesn’t bite!