Prevent Your Kids From Catching Lice In Summer Camps

It’s that time of the year again when your kids go off to summer camps and you can have the house to yourself for a few weeks. Summer camps are great for kids. They get to make new friends, learn leadership skills, engage in fun activities and get a taste of independence.  But with independence comes responsibility. Before you let your kids go off by themselves, you need to remind them of a few things. This includes telling them not to leave without slathering sunscreen, asking them to wear their swimming shoes when it’s needed and of course…lice prevention! Just because your kids are on break doesn’t mean head lice are too. Head lice go wherever there is hair; since head lice are common amongst school kids, don’t be surprised when some children bring lice infested heads to summer camps. If you want to avoid your kids from catching lice this summer, check out these lice prevention tips:

1.Educate them

If your kids have been lucky enough to never get lice, you need to educate them about what lice are and how to prevent them. Kid’s that have been infested in the past should be taught precautionary measures to reduce their chances of catching lice once again. Tell them to avoid sharing their hats, clothing, towels and hair brushes. Teach them to dust off their sheets before they go to bed.

2.Ask them to keep their hair tied up

One of the simplest ways to prevent your child from catching lice is to keep their hair tied up so there is less surface area for the lice to jump on to. Tell your kids how tying up their hair into a ponytail or a bun will slim their chances of catching lice.

3.Check your child’s head weekly

Sometimes your child may have lice prior to going to camp. To prevent a full-on head infestation during the summer, take steps to ensure there are no lice on your child’s head that may multiply during summer. Get yourself a fine long-tooth lice comb, massage olive oil onto your child’s head and thoroughly comb it to remove any lice that may be sitting there.

4.Head screenings by professional

Camps have different policies about lice. While some will ask parents to check make sure that their child’s head is clean before they send their kids off to camp, others are a lot more lenient. Parents who are concerned about their children catching lice should encourage the camp organizers to arrange visits by lice removal professionals. Lice Troopers provide professional lice removal services including in-home lice removal, home inspection & cleaning and school & camp screenings. We’ll send our team of skilled technicians to the camp to check the heads of all kids. If we do find lice on your child’s head, you can bring them to our lice treatment centers in Miami Beach.