Head Lice: Who Faces The Most Exposure To These Critters?

How many people do you pass on an average day out? Hundreds. How many of them do you interact with? Lots. Between conversations and observations, you’ve thought about a lot of things about the people you interact with, but we can bet the last thing on your mind is whether or not they have head lice. That’s probably for the best, because head lice are not an exactly appealing subject for conversation or thought. However, knowing who you can expect having a lice infestation does help you avoid the epidemic yourself.

A Positive Approach

Before we delve into the specifics, understand this: while caution is smart, condescension is just awful. Knowing that the other person has head lice does not mean that they are somehow lazy with hygiene, self-care or organization. Lice, while more common amongst certain segments of population, can happen to anyone. That said, let’s take a look who is at a higher risk to the spread of these critters:

Children Going To Daycare, Schools, Camps

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any place with numerous children has to have some lice activity going on. Children, being less careful with personal space around their peers, are at the highest risk for contracting lice. Children in daycares, schools, summer camps and similar places can easily get lice, between group lessons and playground fun.

Girls, Particularly Those With Long Hair

While lice do not have any preferences for hair length, long hair does make it easier for the critters to latch on to their next target. Studies prove that girls are more susceptible to head lice infestations that boys. Girls also tend to frequently share their personal belongings such as hair ties and bands, which would explain why they are infected with lice more.

Adults Frequently In The Vicinity Of Kids

Parents, daycare staff, schoolteachers, camp managers and any adult who is in charge of or works around kids is more likely to fall victim to lice infestations. People with more kids are also more likely to contract head lice. Know that while these individuals are likelier to be dealing with head lice, everybody else is not out of the risk zone. As careful as you may be, head lice are something you do not see coming. So if you do get lice, don’t panic. At Lice Troopers, we offer quick, safe and effective professional lice removal services throughout Hollywood. Any time, any day, call us at 800-403-5423 to book an appointment!