With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, with shopping and travel and hosting out of town guests, the last thing most people are thinking about is a head lice infestation. But actually, professional lice removal services tend to see an uptick in cases following the holidays. Why?


The simple reason is that, even though the kids might not be in school, people tend to be in close quarters during the holiday season. Families are traveling on airplanes, hosting out of town guests or staying in the homes of family and friends. Cousins may be sharing sleeping spaces and personal belongings, and kids are rolling around on the floor with their new toys. Not surprisingly, this can lead to the spread of head lice.


What can you do about it? The good news is that staying lice free during the holiday season is completely possible with just a few preventative measures. No one has time to deal with the bugs during this busy time of year, so follow these tips to keep your family louse and nit free.


The first step is to understand how lice spread. While they seem like mysterious creatures that could creep up at any time, they are actually very simple animals. They don’t fly or jump; they pass from person to person solely by head-to-head contact, or through contact with the personal belongings of a person who has an infestation.


That means you can avoid an infestation by helping your kids to avoid head-to-head contact with other kids—even relatives. When sharing sleeping space, each person should have his or her own pillow and bedding. Sharing of personal items like towels, hairbrushes, combs, hats and hair accessories should be avoided.


Another way to keep lice at bay is to tie back long hair into ponytails, braids or buns. Coating the hair with a light layer of hair gel can keep lice and nits from attaching as well. A few drops of garlic extract spread through the hair each morning also effectively repels lice with its unpleasant odor. However, don’t worry, your child won’t smell like garlic. Within a few moments the smell will be unnoticeable to others.


Kids should also be reminded that taking selfie photos with their smartphones can lead to the spread of lice. Encourage your kids to maintain a little distance when taking group shots.


If you suspect your child has been exposed to lice, don’t delay. A professional screening can help confirm the presence or absence of head lice and then, if necessary, the affected individual(s) can be treated promptly. The faster a case of lice is detected and treated, the less your chances of spreading it to the entire family. Your relatives will thank you for this!


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