Short Hair Hassles: Do Men Get Lice?

“Boys and men have short hair, they cannot get lice!” This misconception is one of the reasons why head lice keep outdoing humans, and sneak past from hair to hair. Most people still believe that men are not susceptible to lice, which is why there is little to no attention paid to their hair, even when some common signs of a critter invasion appear. While it may be true that girls contribute to a larger share of lice infestation victims than boys, no person is completely immune to these pesky creepy crawlers and their nits.

Of Lice And Men

There are a few myths about lice that have people believing that men are immune to lice:
  • Since fathers often escape the troubles when a family-wide lice infestation breaks out, most people believe that lice do not like testosterone. There are no studies proving this theory right.
  • Many people also believe that short hair means no lice. In fact, one of the remedies parents try out when their child has lice is get them to barber’s shop, not a lice clinic!

And then they wonder why the lice did not go away.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

It helps to know the truth to prevent and treat lice. First off, the only thing lice really care about is if they get enough shelter and nutrition from a human’s scalp. Even if you get a buzz cut, the likelihood of a lice infestation is still there. Lice typically reside near the hair roots, close to the follicle. Any lice roaming away from the scalp be shed off during a haircut, but the chances of lice survival are only lowered, not eliminated. So, unless you are bald or balding, or lack a supply of blood throughout your head, you are a perfectly viable candidate for head lice infestations. The only difference short hair makes is that lice and nits are much more easier to spot before they grow in numbers. However, since nits often camouflage in the hair, it may take more than just a cheap store-bought plastic comb to get rid of them. That said, if you experience a consistent itch and ghostly crawling feeling in your hair, and are ready to face the fact that your short hair may have lice, come visit the experts at Lice Troopers. We employ methods to get rid of lice naturally. Our lice specialists offer prompt services at out lice clinics or at your home, to make short work of those pesky critters. Call us at today 800-403-5423 to help you out! You can also check out our blog to learn more about head lice.