Can head lice cause irreparable damage to your child’s scalp?

Head lice are tiny critters that reside  the human scalp and feed on it to thrive. They are highly common among school going children because they are contagious. Head lice can cause some serious irritability issues, but this doesn’t mean that your child has an unhygienic scalp, because head lice normally prefer a clean scalp and healthy hair. Head lice may cause itchiness and redness, but they don’t pose any serious health hazards to your child’s health. However, it is important to eradicate a lice infestation thoroughly, because unfortunately lice do not go away on their own. That can result in more problems than a parent wants to deal with. Listed below are a few health concerns that a head lice infestation may raise.

Possibility of an Infection

Scratching the scalp continuously can break open the top most layer of skin and may invite bacteria and outer particles found in the environment to enter the skin. This may lead to skin infections and severe redness.  Moreover, severe scratching may also cause rashes and abrasion.

Weak Hair

As head lice feed on human blood to thrive, the hair follicle gets weakened leading to weak hairand breakage. Moreover, continuous scratching of the scalp also damages the hair shaft, which canresult in dry and brittle hair.

Mild to Severe Irritability

The main concern of most parents with children who have contracted head lice is the distraction caused by the contact itching and scratching. Children are not able to focus on their schoolworkorextra-curricular activities because they are plagued with these creepy crawly bugs. Owing to the impact that it can have on a child’s wellbeing, it is absolutely imperative for parents to detect and treat a lice infestation at an early stage.And the best way to do so would be by getting in touch with a professional lice treatment salon. Lice Troopers isa premium lice eradication company based in Miami, offering safe, affordable, and  pesticide free lice treatments. Services offered by them include at home lice treatments, complete home inspection and cleaning, school and camp screenings, and state of the art lice treatment salons. All the staff members at Lice Troopers are expertly trained and experienced, ready to handle even the most challenging cases. We offer you a safe and smart solution for lice removal, free from all chemicals. For more details, please click here.