Can Home Remedies Eliminate Hair Lice Forever?

YOU MUST MENTION THAT EVEN PESTICIDE FREE REMIDIES DO NOT WORK. What we do is a pesticide free treatment that helps release the glue that is on the egg that sticks to the hair shaft and remove them by combing them out. There cannot be two ways about the fact that natural treatments for head lice are by far the safest and non-toxic treatments that anyone can go through. However, all home remedies pertaining to anti-lice treatments are not natural and safe at the same time. Home remedies that make use of hair combs, tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemon and garlic, red onions and vinegars are undoubtedly safe; but, other home remedies that make use of Vaseline, kerosene and diesel are extremely dangerous for anyone who uses them. Before we can tell if the home remedies can help in eliminating hair lice permanently, it is sensible to think about how safe they are. Mentioned below are some of the most dangerous home remedies that people use without knowing the potential damages:


Many people believe that Vaseline allows for easy removal of lice from the head. Since Vaseline is greasy and lubricated, it suffocates the lice and causes them to slip out of the scalp and hair easily. While, this treatment may work for many people, only few people know that the alternate name for Vaseline is Petroleum. One of the most dangerous characteristics of petroleum is that is it highly inflammable andcan cause extreme damage to the human scalp.


There are many mothers who mix a high content of kerosene with olive oil and apply it to the scalp. People use kerosene because it gives the same results of being greasy and cause suffocation; consequently, killing all the lice. Upon research, it was revealed that kerosene is extremely toxic and can potentially lead to life-endangering consequences.


A layman is unlikely to be aware of the fact that our scalp is extremely permeable and can absorb everything that is applied over it. Again, diesel is extremely dangerous for the human scalp and can pose poisonous effects on anyone who uses it. The fact remains unchanged that many natural home remedies have proven to be extremely beneficial in majority of the cases; however, the aforementioned toxic elements must never be tried on the human head and must be used for their intended purposes. Are you tired and irritated of this disgusting ordeal? If yes, then visit our lice treatment center in Miami, called Lice Troopers. Our professional and skilled staff will provide you with an extremely sophisticated treatment that will make you lice-free. You can avail our services at extremely affordable rates that are unmatched to any of our competitors. Our head lice removal salon is located in Miami and is equipped with the latest techniques and facilities that will leave you satisfied. Browse our website for complete details.