Can Lice Prevent You from Finding True Love?

You’re waiting in a stuffy subway station in the dark underbelly of New York City. Your caramel brown locks tucked in behind your ears within the rims of your white woolen winter cap; your black leather ankle-boots tapping anxiously against the stained floor as you stand surrounded by a barricade of shopping-bags from your four-hour shopping spree for Christmas. Every bone in your body screams for rest, but you compose yourself with the reassuring thought of a comfortable seat — just seconds away. The train arrives and you straighten your back like a trooper, swiftly grabbing all your bags in one quick motion. With high hopes, you scan the interior, keeping faith in your glorious future as a relieved, smiling passenger, resting after a hard day’s labor. Alas! The train is full and you’re stuck standing between two morbidly obese gentlemen who’ve clearly had pizza with extra garlic for lunch. Pizza… you think to yourself. Why does that suddenly sound so good? Because you haven’t eaten anything since morning, you realize! And with that fleeting thought, you pass out, your head colliding against the grimy floor as the world goes black.

Falling in Love… Literally

You regain consciousness and behold the divine image of a kind and concerned stranger; reasonably tall, with warm, sparkling eyes, his dark messy hair effortlessly styled, a navy green jacket around the shoulders. He wears a musky, sandalwood scent and a heart-melting smile that wakes you up like a shot of caffeine. He graciously takes your hand and insists you take his seat. He then stands beside you, reading what appears to be your favorite book of all time, 1984 by George Orwell. Your heart skips a beat every time he turns around just to make sure you’re okay. You summon the courage to ask him to sit beside you. He smiles and obliges. You’re both headed to Queens and it’s a 20-minute commute. This is it, your heart bears witness; the beginning of something special!

Reality versus Expectation

The situation could go both ways here. You could make some lovely conversation, exchange numbers and turn this mishap into a sappy love-story that inspires music and poetry. Or you might decide it’s a little warm inside, take off your hat and let your hair breathe. Sound harmless, right? Sure — unless the stranger fondly observes your hair, his face suddenly mirroring the reaction of a victim from a horror film. You’ll know the look: he’ll abruptly shift away from you, clearly trying to hide his blatant aversion to your presence. That’s how big an impact a tiny nit or louse can make on your social life! Within a fraction of a second, your potential romance can turn into an episode of Survivor as you attempt to brush away the bloodsucking parasite from the strands of your soft hair, only for it to cling tighter to your scalp. Love can find you anywhere, at any time — at a subway, in a foreign land, in a library or a park; unfortunately, so can head lice. Lice infestation is a common, but highly contagious condition. Protect your hair and social life by finding a professional lice removal treatment. Lice Troopers brings you a 100% pesticide free solution. Don’t keep love at an arm’s length (literally); visit our lice treatment salons for a head screening today!