The Worst of Halloween Haunting Stories Vs. The Horror of Lice

How often have head lice kept you awake at night? These blood-sucking leeches are not only feasting on your blood but also scaring the living daylights out of you! Just how curses and demonic possessions manifest in the form of mental and physical deterioration of the host, lice appear to do the same. They can be the culprits behind several health problems AND be the nightmare you’re trapped in. Sadly, you need to do more than hold up a crucifix to scare these tiny demons away because these cursed creatures live on you. As if these critters weren’t already making your skin crawl, Halloween is just round the corner and will bring itself several horror stories that’ll blow your mind. Care to see if any of these Halloween horrors equal the reality of living with a head full of lice?

1621: Nunnifying Mary Boucher

If you haven’t heard the name: Mary Boucher, your horror directory is incomplete. Boucher was a servant women employed by a Catholic lady in London. The story began when the employer decided to nunnify her servant woman. In order to do so, the poor woman was tricked into believing that ghosts from purgatory would haunt her unless she became a nun. Conspirators siding with the employer dressed the part of a spirit of her deceased godmother and scared the servant in the dark of the night. However, the question here is: was the cold hand reaching out to Mary Boucher more petrifying than the cold-hearted lice that suck on your peace without any remorse? The Haunting of Susan Lay

1650: The Haunting of Susan Lay

A servant girl by the name of Susan Lay in Essex was haunted by her mistress’—Priscilla Beauty—ghost in 1650. The girl is said to have birthed illegitimate children of the mistress’ husband as well as Priscilla’s son. By curse or by fate, both babies died during their infancy, and Beauty’s ghost continued to haunt the woman sleeping with both her widower husband and her son. We see a clear reason why the ghost was triggered by Lay’s actions. But victims of a lice infestation rarely ever do anything to deserve this distressing fate.

1765: Shrieking and Distressing Noises at Hinton Ampner

The Manor House at Hinton Ampner was known to be haunted because of the creepy noises that bellowed from the walls of this house. The doors of the Manor House banged inexplicably and an apparition of its former owner was often seen as well. The poltergeist horrors began when Mary and William Ricketts moved into this house. The wife reported hearing groaning, footsteps, and knocking for unknown reasons at odd hours. Investigators surveyed the premises for signs of any plausible disturbances but to no avail. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people for no reason, and that’s the only rational reason that explains why some fall prey to head lice! There are other ways of celebrating the Halloween spirit than letting head lice haunt you through the October month. We’re here to help rid your scalp of these horrifying pests! Come to our lice removal clinic Jackson or Toms River in New Jersey. Our lice specialists will cater to all your queries and concerns. Call us at 732-806-7717 to make an appointment.