3 Hairstyles That Can Help Prevent Head Lice

Finding out that your child has head lice is frustrating. With over six million cases of head lice being reported each year by the CDC, preschool and elementary school kids are at high risk of contracting the critters. For parents, the best way to ensure their child doesn’t get head lice is by utilizing prevention strategies that work. Over 90% of head lice infestations occur due to direct head-to-head contact with an infected person. So the best way to prevent them is avoiding direct contact. However, this is difficult for kids, so the next best strategy is making it difficult for the head lice to grab on to their hair. Certain hairstyles are perfect for keeping your children’s hair lice-free, and work most of the time. Let’s have a look at some of them: Secure The Hair In A Bun: A bun is a perfect way to get hair off your child’s neck, face, and shoulders. It also secures the hair and prevents flyaways—these flyaways are perfect for lice to latch on to. To form a bun, all you need to do is grab the hair as you would for a ponytail, and twist until all hair is wrapped up. Secure it with pins to prevent strands of hair from escaping. Tie It In A Ponytail And Plait: Another method of securing the hair is by tying it in a ponytail and then tying it up in a plait. Begin by forming a high ponytail and banding the hair with a hair tie. Take the remaining hair and divide it into three parts. Start forming the plait until no hair is loose and secure it with another hair tie. Regular or French Braid: Regular braids are quite easy to make. You split the hair into three parts and start crossing the right and left sections over the middle one. Continue doing this for the entire length of the hair and secure the end with a hair tie. French braids can be complicated and require the hair to be split into four parts. However, they are quite effective in preventing head lice, as they keep the hair close to the head, which gives the lice nothing to grab on to. While taking steps to prevent head lice is important, it’s impossible to completely avoid nits forever. If you find yourself facing a head lice outbreak in your home, reach out to head lice removal and treatment experts at Lice Troopers. We offer guaranteed professional head lice removal treatments using chemical-free products Feel free to visit our Jackson Clinic or Toms River Clinic in New Jersey to get rid of your lice in a single day! Call us at 1.800.403.5423 to learn more!