Child’s Play: Dealing With Your Child’s Lice Infestation

There’s no time in life quite like the easy breezy days of childhood. A period marked by pure innocence and silly laughter, wide-eyed dolls and remote-controlled cars. As you watch your children play cheerfully in their tree-house, you see the great divide between a care-free life, void of worries, and one filled with a mounting heap of responsibilities. Stress about bills, taxes, work, relationships—and most importantly—the health of your loved ones, starting with your children. It’s easy to get carried away with your concerns. They’re your children, after all; and nine times out of ten, the anxiety is warranted! But in your attempt to secure a healthy life for the future of your loved ones, you can be tempted to go overboard and conversely, push your children away. And this is why it helps to know just where to draw the line.child life's infestation

How to Avoid a Hairy Situation

The trick is to outline the issues that truly demand your undivided attention, and going easy on the ones over which you have no direct control. Head lice infestation is a serious condition which needs to be handled delicately, given the social stigma attached to the microscopic parasites. One of the main reasons behind the growing notoriety of head lice is the fact that they’re contagious, hopping from head to head through close physical contact. Indeed, this is why your child’s infestation can be followed closely by a long spell of social alienation, compounded by possible bullying and low self-esteem. As a parent, your basic instinct is to protect your children from the soul-crushing throes of boycott and exclusion. But if you’re unaware of their condition, or simply lack the skills to identity or detect the presence of lice and nits, you may never discover your child’s suffering due to pure ignorance. Children are emotional and highly sensitive. And at their age, it can be even more difficult to talk openly about a condition that they find deeply embarrassing. What’s worse is if they simply don’t know or understand the details of a lice infestation, and internalize the negative judgment that others hurl against them.

Be the Hero Your Child Needs!

In matters of urgency, it’s always wise to consult the expertise of a professional—which in this case pertains to a licensed head lice removal salon Miami Beach. We are a team of professional hair care experts, specializing in a range of in home lice removal services Miami Beach. To date, we have treated scores of infested individuals, including children, using safe, pesticide free ingredients. For more information, visit our website and contact us for a free consultation today!