Chronic Head Lice? Yeah, it's a Thing

Chronic Head Lice? Yeah, it's a thing and perhaps one of the worse nightmares a parent and child have to deal with. 

You notice your child keeps scratching their head or you get that dreaded call from their school, saying little John or Suzie need to be picked up because the school nurse found evidence of head lice. 

Now you have to quickly navigate lice removal techniques and learn how to kill lice, an inevitable parenting right of passage you hoped you would never have to do.

The Dance to Remove Lice Begins 

Going through the embarrassment of picking your child up and employing home remedies like the "mayonnaise treatment" that you googled only to STILL be left with a gross mess of lice and nits (eggs) is no fun. The alternative of paying for expensive chemical over-the-counter treatments (OTC) that don't work is more painful because applications of OTC products increase your child’s exposure to harmful toxins. 

You wash the linens, vacuum the carpeting, and de-lice the headrests in the car in your valiant attempt to get rid of lice.  After going through strand by strand and removing everything you can find 2 days have passed and you finally send your child to school again. You're utterly exhausted but in the clear.  Until you 3 weeks later and the nightmare starts all over again.

Leave the Headaches to Us

This is where we step in as the professional lice removal heroes. The most effective way to combat aggressive and drug-resistant head lice is to receive regular check-ups and treatment as early as possible by our lice experts. We know that visits to our lice salons can quickly add up.

Luckily, Lice Troopers offers an easy low-cost membership plan that includes all screenings and treatments and will save you money. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has great tips for head lice prevention and control and our clinics give education to families that visit to reduce the chances of lice re-infestation. 

Don't let chronic head lice remain a nuisance in your life. We can and will help you.