Cleaning Your House to Keep It Lice-Free

While lice may love human heads,they can also survive without them (for 24 hours,at least). Since they like sucking blood off your head, they do not leave their feast voluntarily. However, sometimes, they may fall off their host’s head, and then wait for another prey to pounce upon. This is the reason why keeping your house clean is important to completely get rid of lice Weston FL. Let us take a look at some ways you can keep your home free of lice:

Vacuum Carpets

If you have those smooth fluffy carpets in your homes, you will attest to the fact that kids like to play in them. This makes carpets one of the most likely places to harbor lice. Vacuuming your carpet will not only be good for its health, but will also remove lice that it may have held.

Watch Out for Pillow Cases,Bed Sheets and Towels

Your kid having a lice infestation does not mean that you throw away every possible thing that could hold lice. A better, more sensible approach would be to clean them. Your items such as pillow cases, bed sheets and towels can easily be cleaned in a washing machine. Do not forget to dry them for at least 30 minutes. They can now be reused without a trace of lice in them.

Clean Combs and Brushes with Hot WaterMassagers Hairbrush And Comb

Lice can also spread through combs and brushes.Make sure you soak combs and brushes in hot water for at least two hours. This will remove all the germs, bacteria and nits from them. Do this for a few days, even after lice have been removed from the affected family member.

Avoid Anti-Lice Pesticide Sprays

Fumigating your house with anti-lice pesticide spray may sound like the right thing to do. It may seem like bidding final goodbyes to the creepy creatures. However, as it turns out, their use must be avoided. These sprays contain harmful chemicals that can prove to be very dangerous for kids and people with respiratory conditions.

Calm Down

The last thing to remember is to make sure that you keep your cool. Lice may have a social stigma attached to them and may prove to be embarrassing for the affected; but they are not life threatening. Lice infestation occurs at some point for most kids and they survive. So relax, there is nothing to worry about. We at Lice Troopers provide comprehensive and quality lice removal Weston FL. Our home inspection and cleaning service ensures that your house is lice-free as well. Call us today!