What Heidi Klum’s Head Lice Infestation Teaches Us about Head Lice

Contracting head lice as an adult is humiliating, embarrassing, and stressful considering adults aren’t technically supposed to have this playground scourge. Yet an estimated 6 to 12 million infestations take place every year in the United States, not all of the infested are children! One sort of silver lining in an otherwise dark and grim situation is that you aren’t alone! People do get head lice, adults working nine-to-five jobs or studying in university. Even celebrities can contract head lice!

Have Hair and Children? Congratulations, a Lice Family is on the Way

Children as young as 3 to 11 years get head lice most commonly. Adults can get these little critters as well, especially individuals in school or childcare settings. So yes, the real issue isn’t about getting lice but how you’ll kill and remove all vestiges of lice from your head! You can do what German-American supermodel and fashion designer Heidi Klum did—go on air and narrate your entire lice experience! You can also visit your nearest head lice removal clinic in Winter Park and avail professional lice inspection and removal services!

Learning from Example – What Klum’s Experience Tells Us

There is a lot that parents and childcare professionals can learn from head lice experiences shared by other people. This particular case tells us:

Schools Are a Hotbed for Lice

The first question Klum was asked by TV host Ellen DeGeneres was how she got head lice in the first place. Surprisingly, the answer to this question is pretty simple and straightforward! Without skipping a beat, the beautiful supermodel replied, “Kids! They get them at school, and then we get lice from them…” Guess what? Heidi Klum is right 100% about this. Children catch head lice more often at school, summer camps, sport outings and sleepovers.

Adults Can’t Get Lice from Other Adults

There is less chance of getting head lice from your co-workers and other adult friends because: a) less amount of direct head-to-head contact; b) adults are more paranoid about this critter meaning they’ll take precautions against lice spread.

Stress and Anxiety Won’t Get Rid of Lice

The same goes for OTC lice removal shampoos and other products especially since lice have mutated to resist toxic chemicals present in the products. Parents would want lice to go away as quickly as possible yet using chemicals won’t help solve an infestation. It’s important to exhibit patience and calm when removing head lice from your child’s head! Don’t think you are fit for the job? Come to us! With a state-of-the-art head lice removal salon in Winter Park, Lice Troopers offers a lot more than just professional nit picking. Book an appointment today!