Are You in an Abusive Relationship with Lice? Here’s How You Can Escape

They say, “When life brings you lemons, make lemonade.” But when life brings you lice, what are you supposed to do? Dealing with head lice is like walking through a maze. You know there’s an exit somewhere but you end up going round in loops. Not only is it frustrating to deal with, you can’t jump over the hedges to escape. It’s like a map that leaves you confused and blind; an awkward family dinner you can’t run away from. So you’re left dealing with the issue. Except, no matter what you try, nothing seems to work. The last thing you want is pesky, wannabe vampires trying to live in your head rent-free. It’s a vicious cycle. Whenever you kick them out, they come back to haunt you. But you don’t have to deal with that kind of abusive relationship. Here’s what you can do about it.

Avoiding the “Homemade” Label

Things that come with the label “homemade” are brilliant. But when it comes to lice-products, they’re the equivalent of “Made in China.” They’re the last thing you want to try—if at all. Not only will they leave your hair greasy and oily, you’ll have a hard time washing the ingredients out of your hair. They will make your hair frizzy and dry. The worst part? The lice will remain where they are.

Anti-Lice? More like Anti-Hair!

It’s understandable to want to throw in everything labeled, “anti-lice” into your trolley when you visit the department store. But these products are laden with chemicals that can scar and wound your scalp. This will lead to hair loss and permanent thinning of your hair. Lice combs found at department stores are also made of cheap plastic and metal materials that pull the hairs roughly, leading to hair loss and scalp damage.

Winning the Game

You don’t need to throw in the towel and shave your hair to win the game against lice. Professional lice removal services offer natural treatments and use special combs to get rid of the problem. At Lice Troopers, we offer affordable, effective and natural head lice treatment Miami Beach. If you’re struggling with an infestation, feel free to visit our clinic. We also offer in-home services for busy individuals.