Dealing With Lice – From a Mother’s Perspective

They say a mother knows best especially when it comes to the well-being of her child. Yet there are some situations where mothers are forced to make tough decisions. A mother’s love knows no bounds yet there are times when she is forced to take some decisions that she feels are wrong but cannot find another way around.

Lice Removal and Use of OTC Shampoos

Every woman with children must have faced the wrath of a head lice infestation at some point of her life. According to the CDC, about 6-12 million people in the USA get head lice, majority of them children. Chances of your daughter catching head lice from her fellow classmates and friends are high especially if she:
  •  Loves to keep hair open
  •  Loves to share hair accessories and items
  •  Loves to take selfies with her friends
You can’t stop your child from playing with her friends whom you strongly suspect have head lice. A mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do… which means go into a full blown panic attack. The sight of your child sleeping innocently should warm you up but their cute face isn’t even the first thing on your mind. Scratching, whining in their sleep followed by more scratching. One check of the scalp shows your little angel has a full blown lice infestation! Driving to the grocery store next afternoon, you think of alternative treatments that could work… like home remedies and DIY lice removal treatments. For a moment you consider using OTC lice removal solutions but do these really work?

A Mother’s First Instinct When Faced with Head Lice

See the first sign of lice and parents rush off to their local drugstore. Not only ineffective, lice removal treatment kits are expensive and can prove dangerous especially when used too many times. A single application of such a treatment will never get rid of lice, and then there are the nits you must worry about. Do you think the threat of re-infestation is over? Not really… lice when dislodged from its host can live up to 1 or 2 days, without having to feed on blood. Lice specialists at Lice Troopers Miami recommend vacuuming and cleaning every area of the home that could have come into contact with the lice infested child. When all is said and done – what must be done to further prevent head lice infestations? Inspect all family members for head lice! Being a mom isn’t easy…make it all convenient by visiting the lice removal clinic Coral Gables.