Are Human Hair Wigs Vulnerable to Head Lice?

More popular than synthetic wigs, human hair wigs are loved for their natural looks and easy maintenance. Yet, even with something as wonderful as this, there is a downside. Despite not being rooted to your scalp, human hair wigs can still be susceptible to lice infestations!

Understanding Wig Care with Lice

For lice, a human hair wig does not seem much different than your actual hair. They see that you have extra locks attached to your scalp, so they infest the wig as they would your natural hair. Now, for some people, this doesn’t seem to be that big an issue. Given that you can easily remove the wig and place it in a bag until the lice are dead, there’s no need to worry about a re-infestation. However, that’s where we underestimate these critter’s persistence. Let’s say you have an infestation. You remove the wig, place it in a bag, get treatment for your natural hair and go back to wearing your wig once your hair is lice-free. The problem is that you can’t really be sure if all the lice have been exterminated to begin with. Yes, your wig does not give lice access to food, so some do die within a couple of days. But the nits remain. Treatments for lice usually last a day or two. Nits hatch after 7–10 days. So even if you do clear your hair of lice, you risk an infestation because you don’t take the right steps to properly clean your wig.

The Right Process

Start by removing your wig and placing it on the stand. Next, you’ll want to use a lice shampoo from a reliable vendor like Lice Troopers. Our lice shampoo is made with pesticide free, non-toxic ingredients. Once you rinse the wig with water to remove the treatment, towel dry it. Using a fine-toothed comb, you’ll want to comb through the hair for any leftover nits and lice. If you see any nits, tug them off using your nails or a pair of tweezers. With lice, be gentle and use the comb in small sections to remove the lice properly. Once you’re done, you’ll want to go to a lice removal clinic like ours in New Jersey so you can have your own hair seen to. You’ll get the all-clear on both sides and will feel more assured the next time you wear your wig.

Any Questions?

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