Spotting Head Lice Early For A Quick Recovery

Do you feel something creeping on your scalp at night? Take a deep breath! It’s not a ghost, but maybe something worse. Your head has been infected by lice and they are most active in the dark. If you have spotted a lice-attack early on, congratulations! You still have some time before they wreak havoc in your head. Diagnosing head lice early on helps with quicker recovery.


Here are some symptoms that will warn you about the onset of an apocalypse in your head.
  • Tickling on your scalp.
  • Itching because of lice-bites.
  • Disrupted sleep.
  • Scabs or sores on scalp due to rigorous scratching.
Head Lice symptoms Once you notice all or some of these symptoms, immediately contact professional experts who can help fight your battles for you! Even if you do not experience any of these symptoms and feel like getting your scalp examined or are in contact with someone in your vicinity who has head lice, rush for help because you don’t know what is coming for you. The race against lice is a run for life. Not only are these creatures fast (yes! 23 cm per minute. Woah) but also the smallest-living, deadliest parasites out for your blood! If adult lice are not strolling on the wild paths of your head then surely their babies will be hanging in their cocoons from a quarter inch of your hair shaft. Be sure to catch them before the nits slide beyond the ¼-inch border because by then the shots would have already been played. The nits who are no longer babies would have grown into young adults or nymphs and would be enjoying their youth to the fullest. This is when infestation begins! In order to protect your head, it is absolutely crucial to get regularly checked for undeveloped nits that are still in their embryonic stage. If nits have left their shells and no adult louse are seen crawling on your territory, the infestation period is probably inactive and you need not worry about it. However, to testify that you are not at risk of getting infected by these parasites, get a checkup done at home or in Lice Troopers’ clean and welcoming lice salons that offer professional lice removal Kendall and Pinecrest, Florida as well as other states in the U.S. Whether your head is becoming a breeding ground for nits or is a raging war-zone full of a lice army, we are here to clean your heads spotlessly with 100% money back guarantee. In the industry since 35 years, we are proud to have learnt the art of beating these critters in their own game. For any service, call us any day any time.