Despite the fact that lice have been around since nearly the dawn of time, we find that there is still quite a lot of confusion around this pesky parasite, and a lot of stigma too. While no one would think to criticize you or your family for coming down with a common cold, there is something about lice that we associate with being unclean or low class. One of the ways we can help prevent lice is by learning more about it. If you keep yourself and your children clean and bathed you might assume that you’re immune to lice, which will mean you probably won’t bother taking preventive measures. And that can land you with a family-wide infestation. The more you know, the better chance you have of preventing the condition in your home. Another common misconception is that the head louse parasite only attacks the heads of children. But do adults get lice? Absolutely. Our experience shows that head lice are definitely more prevalent among children who attend school and play in close proximity. They share hats and hairbrushes, sleep on the same pillows at sleepovers and don’t think twice about putting their heads together for a selfie. Adults are less likely to participate in the same activities and are therefore less likely to contract lice. That does not mean, however, that they are immune. Lice like hair and they go after the blood beneath the surface of the scalp as their means of food. They aren’t picky about whether it is the head of a child or an adult; children have simply proved to be a great vehicle for transmission. But adults revisit the lice experiences of their youth when they have children of their own. The children pick up lice at school, summer camp or a sleepover and, unbeknownst to the parents, are now spreading them throughout the household. As it is not uncommon for family members to share personal belongings or rest their heads on the same couch pillows, soon mom and dad find themselves scratching their heads as well. So what is a parent to do? The good news is that the process for treating an adult is the same as it is for a child. Skip the pesticides and the mayonnaise, don’t bother asking your spouse to meticulously comb the nits out. Simply make an appointment with Lice Troopers. Walking into the salon is no different from walking into the salon where you have your hair done. In about the same about of time, you can be lice free. No stress, no hassle, no more lice. Lice Troopers serves adults and children in our conveniently located salons or by house call. If you suspect you have been exposed to lice, don’t waste time in setting up an appointment for an pesticide free removal treatment. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call, school or camp consultation, please visit our website at: or call 1-800-403-LICE. Our Miami treatment center locations are here to serve you: Bay Harbor Lice Treatment Center, 1005 Kane Concourse, Suite 212, Bay Harbor Island, FL 33154 Coral Gables Lice Treatment Clinic, 2100 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33154 Hollywood Treatment Center, 5735 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33021