A Guide To Removing Head Lice Eggs

Do you face recurring head lice problems, in spite of all those home remedies you tried? It’s common for many individuals to face repetitive infestations, and it’s largely due to the fact that they tend to target nits instead of lice. Many of us are not aware that nits are main culprits not lice. When lice lay eggs, they release glue like substance that helps nits attach to the strands of hair, near the scalp. This is why nits are also harder and more important to remove. If you are worried about repeat infestations, use this simple guide to end it once and for all. There are no OTC products and you don’t need to apply mayonnaise to your hair either! There is nothing better at removing head lice than the simple, good ol’ lice comb. However, effective nit removal begins with arming yourself with the right knowledge first. Here’s what you need to know:

Typical Spots To Look For Head Lice

The best way to look for head lice eggs is to do it under bright light and preferably under a magnifying glass. Lice eggs are shaped in the form of teardrops and present close the hair follicles, just above the scalp. Since lice use special glue-like substance to stick lice to the hair when laying eggs, these eggs stick to their positions. If it cannot be blown away or brushed off, it’s not dandruff, it’s a nit.

Look For Egg Shells On Bedding And Floor

Once lice eggs hatch, just like other animals and insects, they leave the shell behind. It then falls off the host’s head and may often be confused for dandruff. If you suspect anyone in the family of having lice, inspect their bedding and floor closely. You will find round shaped, tiny shells that are clearly different from dandruff.

The Best Way Is Natural

The best way to remove head lice is to have it done naturally, preferably by a professional service provider. Also, steer clear of all remedies and DIY tips, which might end up harming you or child’s scalp. Using a lice comb is the best way to get rid of this nuisance. Steer clear of all OTC products that claim to be extra strong and guarantee effective lice removal. If you want a professional lice removal service that employs safe products and experienced specialists, then give us a call. We have family-friendly lice clinics in Florida and Central New York, plus we provide in-home head lice treatment appointments. You can reach out to us at 800-403-5423 to rid yourself of your exasperating head lice in no time.